Welcome to the Non Profit Long Valley Radio Project

KPHT-LP   FAT 99   99.9 FM   Laytonville, CA  95454

After identifying the need, and kinda thinking it out a bit, we came up with the concept of a local radio station for Long Valley  (Laytonville, Mendocino County) CA.

The idea is to revive small town radio by building a  local low power FM radio station.

While there are other radio stations within earshot, we wanted to go back to the "old days" when true local radio was more common...The term "small town radio" is one that brings up distant dusty memories for some of us...and to younger folks it might be a new concept...

As we continue On The Air, we still have the need for donations...gotta pay for the same stuff large radio stations need to: equipment, facilities, utilites, etc...

Our "official" corporation name is

Long Valley Communications, Inc

Po Box 1202 Laytonville, CA 95454


More Info how YOU can help us

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